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  • "Goodbye, Academy!" farewell concert of 4th-year cadets

    With the aim of developing a civic-patriotic position and socially significant values among cadets on December 23, 2017 Barimbek Beissenov Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan following an old tradition enjoyed "Goodbye, Academy!" farewell concert prepared by fourth year cadets. By showing such an performance the final course cadets display their team building skills acquired during the years of study.


    The concert was attended by the teaching staff and cadets. The flowering speech was made by A.M. Saitbekov - the acting chief of the Academy, Colonel of Police, who congratulated the guests on the coming New Year, wished vital energy, health, peace and harmony in their families, fulfillment of all desires, successes in work and prosperity.

    The concert was organized by the administration and the 4th year cadets. Everyone was cheered up by the KVN team with comic skits on everyday life in the academy that contained amusing moments that appeared within all 4 years of training. The event was a success, the atmosphere of the celebration reigned in the hall, inspired by the present festive mood, the cadets thanked the Academy administration, the staff of the educational work department, the teaching staff and expressed their best wishes.


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